Thursday, September 10, 2009


Lady Gaga took over the cover of Out magazine without a thread of clothing on her. The star is featured in the magazine in a sexy, 50's B horror movie-themed photo shoot.

There are three rules to Lady Gaga's existence: Be life-changing, historical, and memorable. "Those are," she says, "the three things that are important to me.

"My whole life is a performance," she proclaims, "I have to up the ante every day."

"I believe in living a glamorous life and I believe in a glamorous lifestyle," says Gaga. "What that means is not money or fame or prestige. It's a sense of vanity and glamor and subculture that is rooted in a sense of self. I am completely 100,000% devoted to a life of glamor."

Lady Gaga has always been drawn to the horror movies of the past. "I’ve become really fascinated with fantasy and monster movies and the naïveté of the '50s. Somehow I feel, socially, after a war or after something really bad happens there’s a rebirth of naïveté, so that’s where my obsession comes from. That’s when the fame monster is born."


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