Monday, January 4, 2010

IM BACK.......


I see the world in a new light well thru my new PUPPYS thanks to a good friend Carolina De La Piedra who loves her vintage Fashion as I do too, well since getting them I haven’t taken them off they are A-MAZING all I need now is a lighting bolt hehehe ‘JOKING’ but really I have to take it to “ANOTHER LEVEL” so wait and see what I will turn them into………..but don’t hold your breathe because im still ‘working-it-out’ for now. I have new goals to reach and trust me there bigger than ever but I believe that when you tell others it breaks the bond between you and your goal…..but that’s another post! I hope yous all enjoyed your holidays so back to work because im now and very bored well not really now im post for yous **enjoy** x



Alejo said...

I love your glasses! (L)

jeune_premier said...

Happy new year!i like your glasses a lot...but i would never can meke them fit to me...!!but they look great at you!

Graham I. Haynes said...


I got an imitation pair of a similar style, and it's insanely fun to wear. It takes a certain kind of face to pull off the oversized glasses. Luckily I think they work on me, and they obviously work on you.