Wednesday, August 18, 2010



coat: Vintage from korea
 top: 1nigthstand
shirt: kenji
jeans: lee
chain & belt: vintage
boot: shoe box
bands: diva
watch: arnette

This week has been nothing but crazy! Been flat out (which is nothing new) but if things go well ill be visiting New-Zealand for the first time early September only for a few days. As some of you have noticed lately iv been posting in English and German- its because my 3rd most visitors are German so I was trying something new, but now I don’t have to, on top of the screen under my title you can select and translate my blog to what ever suits you that’s how much I care about my visitor!! Love it enjoy xx


David Toms said...

This is a good look, Love the jeans and the boots. You will enjoy NZ!

Lee Oliveira said...

When can i get this coat? .. lol
love the colour Sam

Star-Light said...

you look amazing :)

lolo dahling said...

Love this! It is SO refreshing to see what men are into wearing and styling!!


Rano said...

Nice pics!

Tuan Nguyen said...

Sam... i like all ur stuff hahahaha and almost from korea... i got an jacket from korea and no one has it here... i have to say that from korea are great clothes... Luv it.. <3
ur Tuaniboi =*

Jazza. said...

amazing coat!!

sharonlei said...

Found your blog thru my hubby's (Pirat_E)... that jacket is incredible. So, you're a fashion designer? Do you ever post any of your work?

Hope you're enjoying your day!

xx Love & Aloha