Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last week i had mentioned the store down the road that sells everything you need to make you own jewellery. I love wearing crosses so I got these 2 and the sword ring- and trust me I had to stop myself from going crazy. They had every think from bangles to chains of all sizes to animal teeth to beads- and even crystal rocks. It’s my new hot spot but they don’t have a web-site, so I can’t link you but once I remember the name and address ill let you know on twitter & facebook.
Hope your having a great week xx


Mimi.S. said...

Nice crosses! I love the jewelries where you can design the stuff by yourself... For example, I like Thomas Sabo so much because you buy the different parts of a bracelet or a necklace, I've got one bracelet, one day I'll post with it :)



Eden said...

really loving your hair color! xaxa and these necklaces are amazing!

Sydney Rahimtoola said...

love love the crosses ;)


Fashion said...

I love crosses as well!!

kirstyb said...

like the necklaces

Rano said...

Uhhh! Yuo are sooo sexy! =)

Jose Camacho said...

I just died.
I'm in love with such a simple outfit- but your bold jewelry just took it to the next level!
I want them all especially the necklaces haha. I never mentioned this before but your hairstyle fits you so well.

Jose C.


Pelayo said...


Thanks so much for all your comments, I dont always have time to reply to all of you but I know you are a big follower, I always read your comments,
By the way, loving the crosses,
keep it up!

big kiss from London

CaCaNito© said...

Sam i love your new Header!

and the new style of your Page;)

Shebelle said...

I need that kind of hotspot around here! xox

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

so im officially in love with your hair color! wish i could pull it off!