Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long live Alexander McQueen


As much as I am still shocked by Lee McQueen's death, I cannot deny that Sara Burton has created one of the most beautiful collections I've ever seen. She is not so tetric as Lee himself, and she is offering a new, fresh vision to the brand, while still preserving the McQueen spirit, which should never die.

Sara Burton / finally dress for SS2011/ THE LATE ALEXANDER LEE MCQUEEN.

Spring-Summer 2010

The collection is both bohemian and pagan in spirit. A controlled and technologically advanced environment is rejected in favor of the raw power of nature and a free spirit.

The values of hard craftsmanship and the precious quality of found objects are upheld. Construction is light; pieces are intricately worked by hand. Patchwork embroidery, plaited hair, ribbon work, tooled leather, frayed raffia, hand pleated organza, embroidered white work, hand painted feather butterflies, gold bullion, corn dollies, twisted feathers, crochet, hand carved shoes lacquered with a porcelain effect. Each piece highlights the value of handcraft.

The silhouette is predominantly soft and slender. Construction is light becoming increasingly elliptical as nature takes its course. Fabric appears almost to fall away from garments, disintegrating to reveal the body beneath.

Jackets and tailcoats are cropped and narrow, worn with a low-rise trouser that finishes above the ankle. Gowns are ethereal, in ultra light silks, cotton voiles, chiffons, fille coupe and cotton organdie.

An exaggerated hip idealizes the feminine form.



Nadine2point0 said...

I posted about this too last week. I think sarah did a fab job - glad the mcqueenisms are still there.

Anonymous said...

Sara is a genius! She made her own twist but there was still a McQueen touch. I love.


Luis fer said...

I LOVE THIS COLlECTION ... DRAPES TIE DIE COUTURE ... kind of a elfesque vibe... I like it I like it .... =)

style-haus said...

couldn't agree w/you more. she did an amazing job with this collection and stayed true to mcqueen's innovation and fashion forward approach. simply incredible silhouettes and detail


Rano said...

I love Alexandre mcqueen! =) He was very great!

Hilaloeya said...

Love your blog! ohh it's soo bad that he is gone!:(
come follow I will follow back!


NOA said...

Incredible collection!! Its beautiful!! The jackets like so much!!

akmal ariffin said...

no more alexander Mcqueen... :(

R. Gratz said...

Absolutely!! Long. Live. McQueen!! AMEN!!!!

I totally love the earth toned pieces... it was something out of Narnia-- very White Witch of Sarah Burton.



Mila said...

She did such an AMAZING job!!Love it!
Of course,long live McQueen <3 <3

amanda archambault said...

What unusual clothing! It's so beautiful!

do me the favor and follow my blog? I'm following you!


Lydia said...

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Tuan Nguyen said...

wow,... even when his isn´t here,.. his next designer did her job well,.. i still love his collection.... 4ever Alexander Mcqueen