Friday, November 19, 2010


Etro spring 2099

shirt: roger david
blazer: vintage L.A
jean: kenji
shoes: marcs
tie: stolen of dad
watch: pierre cardin
rings: diva

One of my favorite design labels is Etro which I discovered in 2009 when the paisley trend was in.  When I saw this blazer it was a no brainer on purchasing and the fit was perfect. I love finding those 1 off garment stuffed in the corning and covered with crap. I mean you go vintage to find old treasures and what better place then Wastelands in L.A. Next time your there check it out they have vintage fashion house label from Gucci, D&G - once I found Alexandra Mcqueen couture. Oh how I need to plan a trip out there soon.

Have a great day or night xx


thesydneygirl said...

that jacket is freakin amazing! love it.

Raez said...

hotttt! i love that jacket on you, such a unique look!

xx raez

WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

fantastic Post!! I love youre Blazer +.+

The Queen of Hearts said...

You look absolutely fantastic! I can't believe you aren't in NYC (which is obvi where you belong!)

David Toms said...

Bringing it back with a killer attitude! I want that jacket! Love Etro anything!

Vinda Sonata said...

great style!!
love the details of the blazer. that's one hot item!!

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Expert mixing! That blazer's a great find ;)

xx Cristina

Lee Oliveira said...

Loving the look Sam..
thanks to dad for having a great taste in ties

Sharina said...

LOVE the blazer!!! :)


T H E C O O L H U N T E R S said...

love your blazer.. mmm


that jacket is such an amazing piece, looks great!
feel free to follow xoxo
twitter: @FASHION_ICE

ABIGAIL NY said...

Love the print on your blazer, great outfit!


Anonymous said...

Your blazer is something I would definitely wear till death. Lovin it.

Aphrodite said...

i so love ur outfit!!!!!!!!!

JBriggs said...

thanks for the nice comment on my blog! love your blazer really cool i love vintage digs