Thursday, November 25, 2010


top: zara
shorts: vintage
belt: vintage
boots: shoe-box
scarf: fabric
neck lace: urban outfitters
jewellery: random

Adding a border to your photos can change the look and feel of it. This week the weather has been nothing but AMAZING finally bring on summer. Lucky my legs are toned for short-short season (quoted from Brad from Rachael Zoe)lol. My hair is now brown I know- I feel like a school kid changing my hair every week- but seriously it was too hard to maintain the re-growth every week, due to my hair growing freakishly fast.

Have a great week xx


s.a.i.m.e said...

waoh here in germany Im freezing ma ass of :D

like ur Oufit :D


OH no poor you ;(
where finally getting into summer now!!

AP. said...

This is an awesome outfit.

Nadine2point0 said...

Love the worn in desert boots. Great look.
The days have been starting off at 5 below, then creeping to +8, then chilling out again at night. Gotta love November in Ontario! Other years we've had snow already so I shan't complain too much :)

Lee Oliveira said...

i love how you change your hair colour regularly.
Great style

David Toms said...

You are right the borders cahnge everything. Freezing here

The Jilted Lovers said...

great outfit! you look so cute. i love that necklace.

Lindsey and Haily said...

Love the Zara top, and those shorts are a great vintage find.


UgnÄ— said...

nice look!
i'm so jealous you have a summer there, we got our first snow today! :D

Tuan Nguyen said...

It still warm in Australia??? men... here in germany is ranning und snowing,..
So Cooooold >.< ich love your outfit,.. it remaining me about summer..

s.a.i.m.e said...


Juli said...

you look good in this =)