Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long live Alexander McQueen

Im so excited to read about the unveiling of the 19-year career of Alexander McQueen’s exhibition, entitled Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. A preview of the show, which will run 4 May to 31 July 2011, was presented by Anna Wintour and Samantha Cameron at the Ritz as part of London fashion week.

The US exhibition will feature more than 100 pieces of work.

The curator of the Metroplitan’s Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton said:
“His fashions were an outlet for his emotions, an expression of the deepest, often darkest, aspects of his imagination. He was a true romantic in the Byronic sense of the word – he channelled the sublime.”

The showroom prepped for fashion student visitors from NYC.

This is going to be huge im going to try and book a trip out-I have been a huge fan and this would be more than a research/buying trip, it would be something I would never forget EVER! It would be so inspiring see the work of someone so great. Long live McQueen.

Have a great day

Samisoni xx


Anonymous said...


akmal ariffin said...

yezz....thats was amazing!!!!!!!!love it sam...


AHHHHHH Take me with you!
I would do anything to get a close look at these beauties!
Its moments like these i hate living in Oz...we are so far away from everything :'(


Marcos Batuecas said...

He was God!
never will be another McQueen... u are so lucky u can go to the exposition! :)


Star-Light said...

absolutely stunning <3


Eeshie said...

I wanna go see!!

And hey, I live in NYC :)

David Toms said...

Sam, love the new header!

Gee I am seeing a weekend in New York coming up for this. I would give a right arm and leg to see this. Let me know if you book a trip, we might be able to see together!