Thursday, May 24, 2012


Style for me is the creation of fashion in your own mind,someone who has no money or is swimming in it can have great STYLE!  You can be thin,phat or ugly and have amazing STYLE!  Fuck these styling courses you pay for, thats why we have stylist in retail stores (there usually the ones head-toe-perfection) to learn tricks & tips off to make it suit your style. Better yet stalk a fashion blog that inspires you to dress like them (but still making it your own of course) learning is the key as well as confidence. Here are some of my tricks & tips.

*Cuffing pants: The shorter you are the smaller the folds to give the illusion of being taller. The taller you are the thicker the folds should be to make you look shorter. Im 6'2 and i do the smaller folds just for that extra height so its all right to be towering.

*Coloured chinos/denim: So coloured jeans where hot in the 90's and the modern version is the chinos but the jeans are back. I wouldn't try to hard to match them as it will show "and not in a good way" my advice is to balance it out with your pants being the statement and your top and shoes to have the same tones to contrast.

*Blazers: Some would say its hard to find the perfect fit well its right! thats why we have tailors. Thats the trick a lot of guys go for the smallest jacket so its much slimmer but the truth is, you loose the shoulder being defined and it will pull in front. So my trick is get the size that you measure up to (that your comfortable with) then take in the back so it gives you shape on the sides. With my sleeves i always tailor them 2cm to show the shirt cuffs (which is perfect when colour co-ordinating) "so remember defined shoulders and shape to your waist"  

*Ties & Pocket squares: They should never match in print but have the same colours. The new tie knot is the four in hand-every other knot is illegal for now! Pocket squares if im contrasting the print then i do a fold in (as picture) or a stuff in for a more chic look.



Andrea said...

great post! you look awesome in these pants!

CACANITO© said...

sam i really love your style and you should do more post´s like this ;)

Ben Walker said...

Great personal tips and inspiration!

Steven Brown said...

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steven b. 0:)